Race to 20 Qualifiers

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The following players have qualified to play in our free event to win a Talking Stick Casino 30k End of the Month Tournament sponsorship package.  This will be a semi-freeze out event, with players receiving a limited amount of venue bonus chips.  The winner of this event will receive a buy-in and travel into the End of the Month tournament.  Sixteen alternates will be allowed to play on the side for a smaller prize, with the option of entering the main 20 seat tournament should seats come available within the first break.


The following Top 20 Points leader players are invited to battle for a free buy-in into Talking Stick Casino & Resort:

  1. Ryan Johnson (2,700 Bonus chips)
  2. Jesse Lopez (2,000 Bonus Chips)
  3. Lou Cabrera (4,200 Bonus Chips)
  4. Ginger Cabrera (3,900 Bonus Chips)
  5. Rob R. (3,300 Bonus Chips)
  6. Steven Ortiz (2,700 Bonus Chips)
  7. Adam Silverman (2,600 Bonus Chips)
  8. Gabe Valdez (1,700 Bonus Chips)
  9. Margie R.  (1,500 Bonus Chips)
  10. Mondo S. (2,400 Bonus Chips)
  11. Omid Aldaghi (2,200 Bonus Chips)
  12. Jon Delgado (1,800  Bonus Chips)
  13. LeAnn S. (2,100 Bonus Chips)
  14. Kyle Rine (1,500  Bonus Chips)
  15. Monica G. (2,000 Bonus Chips)
  16. Alyse Collins (1,400 Bonus Chips)
  17. Eric Noel (1,300 Bonus Chips)
  18. Jerod G.  (800 Bonus Chips)
  19. Gary G.  (1700 Bonus Chips)
  20. Nicole N. (2,700 Bonus Chips)


The following alternates will play may fill into the Top 20 game provided anyone in the above list does not show up and sign in by 7:30pm.

Also, the following alternate players may enter into the Top 20 game, should any player from the above list bust out completely before the first break at 8:30pm.  No leaderboard points bonus chips for alternate players who enter Top 20 tournament.

Lastly, the following alternate players will compete for a separate free poker prize, should they not make it into a Top 20 seat:

21.  Kysha Slocomb

22. Wendy Noel

23. Chris Pfeffer

24.  James Bell

25. Andrew P.

26. Todd Golden

27. Matthew M.

28.  Julian

29. Dylan Queary

30. David Peabody

31. Andres V.

32. Daniel Ross

33. Jeff Sawyer

34. Brandon Young

35.  Chris Simmons

36.  Toni Blanco



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