November Points Leaderboard

On Wednesday, November 22nd, we will host a 40 player tournament at Rockabilly Grill to determine the winner of our promotional Talking Stick Buy-in seat.  This tournament is free to play for our top 40 point leaders.  Double points each Wednesday.

Race to 20 Qualifiers

The following players have qualified to play in our free event to win a Talking Stick Casino 30k End of the Month Tournament sponsorship package.  This will be a semi-freeze out event, with players receiving a limited amount of venue bonus chips.  The winner of […]

The Donkey In The Mirror: In Defense of Novice Poker Players

New poker players are supposed to play “bad” and unprofitable poker.  And as a seasoned poker player, you are supposed to have developed the tools necessary to exploit their mistakes over the long term.  They are doing their job by playing unprofitably, so why aren’t you doing yours?  Is it possible that you don’t know how to truly exploit players’ mistakes?

Heads-Up Challenge

Register today for your chance to play in our Heads-Up tournament on 7pm Friday, May 26th, 2017 at Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill. FREE TO PLAY. TOUGH TO WIN.

Updated Heads-Up List

Below is an Updated List of all the registered players for our Friday, May 26th, 2017 Heads-Up Poker Challenge at 7pm at Throwbacks. The FIRST 64 Players to show up and sign in on the date of the event will be given seats. Registration begins at 6pm.

Bonus Chips List

On the same night as our heads-up tournament, we will host a giant Free poker tournament, giving away a 3-D Virtual Reality Headset to the winner. All Heads-Up players are allowed to participate. As your match is announced, your chips are taken out of circulation during your heads-up match. This gives everyone an equal chance to play both tournaments profitably. Sign up today.

Position and Yard Sales

When it comes to “position” in poker (being the last person to act, or being last to close a particular betting sequence), the information collected also include past hands, playing styles, aggression, and betting indicators, among others key factors.

Interview about New Vlog Idea

It seems you are putting together a podcast and vlog? Why is that? I’ve been following the poker vlog movement very closely over the past few years. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. We have a large number of players who approach the game […]

Live Poker Notes: Blame The Mirror

Ever met someone who never accepted responsibility for anything that happens in his or her life?   He faces problems in life by blaming everyone and everything around him, without ever taking a moment to look inward and discover if there’s anything he might have done […]

Week 2’s Top 10 Point Leaders

Week 2’s points have been calculated, leading to an interesting battle for the top spot between Gary G. and Marybel Val. Join us next week to see who you can knock off the Top Ten spot for Week 3? Check out our Leaderboard for more […]

$100 CASH FREE-ROLL (Bonus Chips List)

The following players have earned bonus chips that will be used on Saturday, July 16th, 2016 at Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill.   The game starts at 3pm.  This will be a Freeroll tournament.  We will be giving away $100 CASH.  FREE to play.  Free […]

A Chip & A Chair: The Kyle Rine Poker Story.

This is a story about something amazing that happened at the final table last Thursday night.  It was another unbelievable moment in poker that seems to only happen at Delectables on Fourth. It began like any other poker night, with players from all over the city joining […]