Oct 22nd Soul Food & Poker Event

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What is the Soul Food & Poker Event on 7pm Thursday, October 22nd at Delectables on Fourth?

It’s an event that allows us to appreciate the southern contribution to the poker landscape.  When many people think of poker, they automatically think of Vegas and Atlantic City.  Not many people realize that there’s a bustling poker community of players outside the mainstream, from the Midwest to the south.  One of the most underrated poker havens in the country is probably Tunica, Mississippi.  Now we have an East Coast invasion with Maryland Live Casino offering the poker world another hot spot to gain competitive experience and revenue.

I will bring my brother into Tucson and let him battle it out with the poker players out here on October 22nd.  We will place a large bounty on him, and see if anyone has the luck or skill to take him out of the tournament.

To make the event even more enjoyable, we’ve worked out a Soul Food styled dinner selection that will be served for the evening.  The menu includes some of my Southern favorites:  Cornbread, Collard Greens, Black Eyed Peas with Ham Hock, Crispy Chicken with Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce.

Is this part of your long term plan to return to North Carolina and start a poker league?

Of course.  I’m truly excited about the chance to start a family business with my brother that focuses on revolutionizing league poker on the East Coast.  He has the strengths that compensate for my natural flaws and weaknesses, so we balance each other out perfectly.  Just like in poker, whereas I’ve inventive, aggressive, and fluid–capable of playing 7/2 offsuit with the exact same confidence and fervor that I play pocket aces–he’s much more conservative and solid.  This will certainly work in our favor over the long term.  I look forward to showing him all the things that work and don’t work here in Tucson so that he can begin testing out template business models back home in North Carolina.  When I return, our goal is to have the groundwork already in place to allow us to explode into the market with a time tested business model and product.

How much are the dinner tickets and what are the prizes?

The dinner tickets are $15.00.  Tickets include a complete Southern styled Soul Food meal.  Drinks and Tips are NOT included.  We will also offer BlackJack and Cards Against Humanity.  We will give away Cash Prizes to the winners of the tournament as well as a cash bounty on anyone who takes out my brother, Marvin.

Will there be any Re-buys or Add-ons?

No rebuys.  No Add-ons.  This is a deep stack event that starts with 20k in chips.  May the best player win it all from that point.

Will you be playing?

I will not be playing, even though I have been challenged and called-out by a lot of players to jump in.  But know this, if my brother loses, I am not afraid to do a revenge tournament one day where I place a huge personal bounty on myself.  So Zach and Mondo and Jerry and George better beware. lol

Why only 40 seats?

Delectables is an intimate venue with limited seating for poker.  As a result, we can’t encourage the giant turnouts that we’ve pushed in the past.  We will attempt to make this more of an intimate night with friends and family.  It’s designed to be more fun than competitive.  I’ll have my mother and sister visiting as well, so I’m only really interested in hosting the event with Tucson poker players who are already familiar with the type family friendly events I host.  I’m not interested in a big event with dozens of strangers getting drunk or cursing over a bad poker beat.  A core value in my events is the ability to have fun, make friends, and experience a place of relaxed poker where the self-bloviating poker “experts” are shunned.  5 tables is enough to capture TucsonPokerNews.com’s core audience.

What time should players arrive?

My family and I will be at Delectables at 5pm.  The kitchen will begin serving the soul food meal at 5pm.  We structured the event so that players can come in and eat early before the tournament begins at 7pm.  So players can come in for our meet and greet at 5pm.  This gives players a chance to enjoy the food before the game.  Still, players with dinner tickets can eat anytime they want.  The actual poker game starts promptly at 7pm.

How good is your brother at poker?

He’s more of a cash game specialist than a tournament player.  This gives Tucson poker players a huge advantage actually.  Still, he should be able to hold his own.  We used to play cash games together in Atlantic city and Maryland Live Casino, comparing notes and profit margins.  I’m excited to see how well his game has evolved since the last time I’ve seen him play.

Where can players purchase tickets?

We will be selling tickets throughout the week of October 11 through October 15th.  We have to give Delectables on Fourth a final tally of players on Thursday, so they can order everything fresh for the 22nd.

We will be at Schrier’s Sports Grill Sunday at 5pm.  Original Sagebrush Cantina on Monday at 7pm.  Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill on Tuesday at 7pm.  Native Grill & Wings on Speedway on Wednesday at 7pm.  And Delectables on Fourth on Thursday at 7pm.  Players can purchase dinner tickets at any of these events.

Will you have seats for Cards Against Humanity and Blackjack?

Yes.  Certainly.

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