Love on The Rocks: The Review

  There are some events you go to that are just gathering places for people with common interests to mingle and network.  There are other events that transform into a Colosseum of discord, with fierce debate and rising tempers, where competing ideas battle for supremacy like ancient […]

Poker Players Giving Back In Tucson

One of the things that makes our regular poker players so special is the fact that our events are always about more than just poker.  For anyone looking for a cheap ego boost for being the best poker player in the known universe, our events […]

Last Month’s Charity Update: $280.50

Our weekly Charity Poker Parties at Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill have gone really well so far.  Our last fundraising drive was able to raise $280.50 for the local Tucson Charity Mini-Miracles. Thanks to Becky from Mini-Miracles, Inc. and John and Ernesto from Throwbacks Sports Bar […]

“ALL-IN” For Charity

The idea of hosting poker tournaments on Tuesday nights at Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill has always been about more than just soliciting a random crowd of Hold ‘Em enthusiasts to play for cash and prizes. We wanted to create a fun and friendly environment […]

Toughest Poker Spots In Tucson

A little known secret among expert poker players is this:  “Usually it’s the donkeys who complain all the time about donkey play.”  Whenever you see a bunch of poker players standing on the rail and pouting about all the “bad” poker players in a particular tournament, be […]