$312.25 Raised for Mini-Miracles.org by Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill

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The poker players at Throwbacks are amazing beings.  They have steadfastly committed themselves to the goal of using poker as a vehicle to raise money for local Tucson charities.  Through all the ups and downs that inevitably comes with promotional events, Throwbacks’ poker players on Tuesday nights have remained steadfast and committed.    Even during power outages and heavy storms, instead of sulking or complaining, these incredible human beings simply pulled out their cell phones and found a way to continue having fun.   That is the true essence of a charitable spirit, and it’s one that should be a common example to all.

Sometimes it’s the simplest of acts that define a person’s spirit, from the time Mondo donated his entire third place winnings to the AZ Bandits girl softball team, to the afternoon when Dalton and Mark and Sophia took time out of their busy schedules to help teenagers at the local YMCA to understand how the principles of Texas Hold ‘Em poker correlates with life building skills.  A lot of leagues and players across the country only care about poker and winning, but what makes these Tucson poker players so incredible is the fact that they also care about making a difference in their communities, and they understand the hard work and dedication that goes into that process.

We offer a truly special thanks to Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill for being an amazing host for Tuesday Night Poker.  They always offer great service and delicious food.  It’s not easy to find socially conscious venues to host poker events, and Throwbacks always remains as an epitome of what a locally owned business should represent.  They book local talent from across Tucson and they always support local causes.  Throwbacks is more than just a sports bar, it’s the modern day version of Cheers, for it’s the one place in Tucson where everybody knows your name the moment you walk in a second time.  They care.

We are proud to announce that a $312.25 check was presented to local Tucson charity Mini-Miracles.org.  Our eventual goal is to contact local media and get them on board to support this cause in the future.  It is our hope that as we collect the checks from other participating venues, the word of all the positive things that happen in our poker community will be covered.  Too often, the media coverage of local news leaves viewers with a dark and bleak impression of their neighbors.  We hope to combat this perspective by continuously raising money and awareness for local charities in Tucson.

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